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Hormones Out of Whack? Make Sure You Know the Symptoms of a Thyroid Problem

Last updated 3 years ago

Your gynecologist  or OBGYN will tell you that as we age, our body goes through natural hormonal stages such as puberty and menopause.

But what about hormone issues that arise in between these life stages? Are your hormones causing unpleasant physical and emotional changes in your life? Going through an emotional rollercoaster? It could be a thyroid problem!

What is your thyroid?

The thyroid is a small organ located at the front of your throat beneath several layers of tissue and muscle. This organ affects the cellular activity of your body. Your thyroid also regulates your metabolism, and thus affects weight control. Malfunction of this butterfly shaped organ can have several other unpleasant symptoms.


Hyperthyroidism occurs when your thyroid overproduces hormones and pushes your metabolism into warp speed. This not only forces your cells to work harder, but can lead to serious health concerns later, including:

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability and nervousness


Hypothyroidism is when our thyroid does not produce enough hormones and causes your metabolism to slow. This can lead to a goiter. Other symptoms include:

  • Weight gain, sluggishness
  • Hair loss (eyebrows)
  • Depression and irritability
  • Memory loss, memory fatigue

Postpartum Thyroiditis

After giving birth, some women suffer from thyroid inflammation. If left untreated, this can turn into hypothyroidism. Physicians with WomanCare provide the prenatal care services for your needs!

It is important to contact your OBGYN or gynecologist to discuss your symptoms to determine if you are suffering from a thyroid problem. Professional physicians with WomanCare provide services to fit your needs. For services, products, or to schedule an appointment, visit our website today!


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