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Reasons to Get Tested for Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy

Last updated 2 years ago

Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects a pregnant woman’s ability to utilize insulin. Your OBGYN can test for gestational diabetes as a part of your prenatal care. A hormone is responsible for the increased levels of glucose that can lead to diabetes during pregnancy. The effects of gestational diabetes can be damaging for both the mother and unborn child if this condition is not treated in a timely manner.

Avoiding Health Complications to the Baby

Gestational diabetes can be extremely dangerous to an unborn baby if it is left untreated. The baby can suffer from macrosomia, which causes the baby to be born very large due to the high amounts of sugar that are transmitted to the fetus. Babies who are affected by a mother’s gestational diabetes can also suffer from respiratory distress. The imbalanced insulin and glucose levels may delay lung development in the baby, affecting the baby’s ability to breathe

Eliminating Risks with Proper Treatment

If a woman receives immediate treatment, gestational diabetes can be controlled, causing no harm to the baby or the mother. Most often, a change in diet alone can control the blood glucose levels in a pregnant woman. In some cases, insulin may be needed when diet and exercise alone cannot remedy the problem. Women who have gestational diabetes will have special prenatal care and monitoring during their pregnancy. This can include ultrasounds, fetal monitoring, and fetal movement counts to help ensure that the baby is developing properly. Women who have gestational diabetes are at higher risk for developing diabetes later in life, so proper physical care with diet and exercise are essential.

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