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Vitamins & Supplements

Last updated 2 years ago

Your body needs vitamins and minerals each day to remain healthy and function properly. Recent negative media on the use of vitamins has prompted many questions from patients. “Are vitamins bad? The answer: NO. Without any vitamins or minerals our bodies would not ward off disease or function properly. Excessive use of vitamins and supplements has become common place. It is the excessive use of vitamins that has negative effects. Vitamins and supplements cannot replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, we often need help on the road to optimal health. Research has shown how stress, the environment and lower quality food all play a role in vitamin and mineral depletion. Vitamin supplements were created to prevent
the diseases that occur when we do not have certain minimal levels of those vitamins in our bodies.
There is a multitude of vitamins and supplements with so many reasons to take each one that most people end up overwhelmed. More often than not, less is more. Excess amounts of certain supplements and vitamins can negate any health benefit they might have in lower amounts. Find the right balance. Take what you need, in the right amount, from a high quality source. Add other supplements, as needed, based on your individual health level. It is important to work with a health care professional
that will support your journey to optimal health by guiding you in your individual needs and to ensure that the supplements you are taking are of high quality. The
last thing you want is to spend money on a vitamin or supplement that does not actually contain what is needed or is in a form that your body cannot absorb.
Remember that you are trying to give your body the best building blocks it needs to stay healthy. Keep focused in your dedication toward optimal health. WomanCare offers high quality vitamins. We carry MetagenicsTM, Ortho Molecular® and vitaMedMDTM products to ensure that you are getting the best quality vitamin and supplements available. These vitamins are pharmaceutical grade supplements, which means you are getting exactly what is listed and that you can rest assured the products are pure and clear of harmful contaminants. This level of product is also easy for your body to absorb and that means a healthier you in a shorter period of time.
Ask your WomanCare practitioner what your body needs. Visit our website or call us today at (847) 221-4700.


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